Welcome to Flamenco ¡Si! New Orleans!

Hola Flamenco Followers, Artists, Musicians, and Dancers!

This is the new home of the Flamenco Si Newsletter and the site for all things flamenco in New Orleans.

Newsletters will be published bi weekly (the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month)  and will be posted here on those days. You will be able to follow an archive of all newsletters here on the blog. Throughout the month additional postings- features on professionals in the area, music-dance reviews, shows and other announcements may be updated based on our community’s needs.  It is our hope and vision that this site and newsletter will serve as a venue to continue to connect, inspire, and educate our New Orleans community of Flamenco lovers.

In order to sign up, please click “follow” on the bottom right of the screen and enter your email address to receive posts. Or you can also register for the newsletter by writing to us with your preferred email to siflamencosinola@gmail.com.

If you have any concerns, comments, or announcements to post, please email us anytime!

We are looking forward to dancing, and blogging with you!


Your Flamenco Si! co-editors, Ingrid Adrianza and Daniella Santoro

and  Teresa Torkanowsky (504) 324-3575


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