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  • Contributor: Health Benefits of Flamenco Dance by Roy Saguiguit MD
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Micaela y su Fiesta Flamenca

  • March 22 & March 23, 2014 Saint John Theater 115 West Fourth and River Road Reserve, LA
  • April 5 Bach Around the Clock Trinity Episcopal Church Time TBA
  • May 2, 2014 Jazz Fest Kids Tent 4:00pm
  • May 18, 2014 Civic Theater Time TBA


New Orleans Dance Academy with Micaela Paule

5956 Magazine Street

Drop In: $15/ $55 month

Dance Quarter with Eliza Llewellyn

1719 Toledano Street

10-Week Flamenco Winter Series with Eliza Llewellyn
January 11th-March 29th
No class February 22nd and March 1st (Mardi Gras)
$140 for the entire series (one class per week) or $250 for the entire series (two classes per week) . See class information below.
Drop In: $18
Flamenco Basics Saturdays 2:45-4:00pm
An introduction to the beautiful, passionate, and profound Gitano-Andalusian art form known as Flamenco. Perfect for all level of beginners, even those trying it for the first time, the session will examine flamenco posture, arm, hand and body technique, stylization, footwork technique, flamenco rhythms, and the basic structure of flamenco dance. Students will learn short segments or variations in each class. Flamenco or character shoes are best for class, but other sturdy footwear will work(i.e. low, thick heeled shoes or boots) and comfy clothing to allow movement like stretch pants and a form fitting top.


Flamenco Beyond the Basics Saturdays 1:30-2:45 pm

Ideal for the advanced beginner or intermediate level student, this technique and choreography driven class builds on core aspects such as zapateado (footwork), palmas (hand clapping) and braceo (arm movements), turns and marcajes (marking steps), as well as how to create an elegant balance of motion and energy to exude the type of passion that drives this art. Students will explore a variety of rhythms this session and will learn short segments or variations in each class. This class moves at a faster pace than Level 1.


Local companies searching for singers with some Spanish fluency and familiarity with flamenco compas and interested in performing. Will work with your interests. Contact Daniella at (646) 379-9794


Local Flamenco company looking for classical guitarists with some familiarity with flamenco compas (or Sevillanas and Rumbas) and interest in performing part-time with dancers and other artists. Will work with your interests. Contact Ingrid at


Red flamenco skirt, with black trimmed single ruffle made in Spain (D’Pertiñez), size Medium. Excellent condition. Can be used for practice or performance. For more information, contact Eliza at or (504) 421-3517.

Flamenco Crespon Fabrics from Spain (25% discount) Extra wide with various colors with polka dots 11 different patterns Contact Teresa at You can also click on this link for more info:


With the dawn of a new year, many of us may contemplate how we can improve our health and wellness for the future. A few years ago I asked myself what I can do to improve my health and personal fulfillment outside my career. I knew that I wanted to pursue a totally new endeavor to improve my fitness, endurance and relieve stress. Fortunately, I heard about an instructor who started offering Flamenco dance lessons at a local dance studio. I took the initiative to book an initial private lesson, and the rest is history.

My first lesson with her was extremely eye-opening. After that first lesson, I realized that Flamenco is an art form that combines the physicality and intensity of dance with the passion of its unique musical rhythms, culture and history. I can still vividly recall the sweat pouring off my body and my heart accelerating to the exhilarating rhythm of an Alegria as I attempted my first golpes with my feet. I left the lesson energized knowing that I found what I was looking for and that I needed more exposure to continue on this Flamenco journey.It has been a few years later, but my journey continues with many surprises along the way including personal health benefits. Many of these benefits are commonly acquired by anyone who engages in consistent regular exercise. Through participation in weekly Flamenco dance classes, rehearsals and practice, an optimal level of physical fitness can be achieved. Obvious benefits include improved muscle strength and functional capacity (endurance). Additionally, I have observed improvements in coordination, balance, flexibility and relaxation through the ritualistic practice of zapateados (footwork) drills and braceos (arm & hand movements) exercises. The principles of proper whole body alignment and posture to achieve that “Flamenco look” can be an elusive but achievable process that can also be applied to real world daily routines in our work and home activities. Because there is a premium placed on core strength and development, the risk of injury can be minimized.

As with any exercise regimen, dance can also generate a positive physiologic profile in the physically fit person. These include:

  • higher oxygen consumption
  • greater cardiac output of blood per minute
  • lower resting heart rate
  • lower pulse rate and blood pressure
  • improved musculoskeletal function
  • increase in HDL “good” cholesterol
  • improved blood sugar metabolism

Physical fitness is associated with reduced incidence of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart disease and fatal heart attacks.

For most of us, including me, the decision to embark on a personal journey of health and fitness through exercise is a simple decision to make. We all just basically strive to burn calories, reduce body fat and maintain weight control. This can certainly be accomplished among Flamenco dancers. While I was recently practicing a Buleria routine, I measured burning 400 calories in a one hour moderately paced practice session. (Expect to burn at least 300-350 calories per hour of dancing for a 150 pound individual) .

So if you are seeking a new experience, a new physical challenge, and an entirely “new” world of artistic and emotional expression, Flamenco dancing may be just right for you. Consider participating in local Flamenco dance classes or workshops or music classes that cater to all skill levels. Not quite ready to take that first step? To get a taste of what the Flamenco world has to offer, why not attend a live Flamenco performance held throughout the year locally by talented artists? Your first steps to a new personal journey awaits you.

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Since we can not move forward fully into the New Year without looking back at where we’ve been, why not take a ride through flamenco history in New Orleans with this interview program on featuring our own flamenco matriarch Teresa Torkanowsky, and our beloved John Lawrence.


In October of last year, under the guidance of Teresa Torkanowsky we revived the Flamenco ¡Si! Newsletter to help inform our community of flamenco lovers, and to ensure that flamenco always has a place in our beloved Crescent City. We are proud and thrilled to be co-editors and share our passion for flamenco and for this city. Please note some recent changes to our blog with two the addition of two new pages Articles and More and Flamenco Artist Bios. “Articles and more” features a collection of past archived publications authored by local flamenco artists either reviewing past events, explaining dance theory and technique, or personally reflecting on the power and essence of the art form. We have had several different contributors in the past few months and encourage anyone who would like to write a short piece, to please let us know.

We will see you next month!

Until then, y con duende siempre… your Flamenco ¡Si! co-editors,

Ingrid Adrianza and Daniella Santoro


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