Newsletter 5. 21 . 2014

Hola Flamenco Followers! Welcome to our May edition of the Flamenco ¡Si! Newsletter!

We’ve had a big month of festivities again to be grateful for, with Maria Jose’s grand pena opening bringing together musicians, dancers and flamenco lovers  for a juerga right out of a Spanish tablao; to performances from Micaela y Fiesta Flamenca at Jazz Fest and at the Civic theatre.  Summer brings some changes as the performance season comes to a close, but there are still classes, and flamenco music to be found around town!

For those of you just joining us, this newsletter is a monthly publication which will come out on the third Wednesday of every month. Founded and managed for many years by Teresa Torkanowsky and Carrie Hood, editing has now been passed on to Ingrid Adrianza and Daniella Santoro.

For Artists, this newsletter is here for your promotional needs, information and contacts.

For Flamenco Enthusiasts, this newsletter is here to inform, inspire, and educate about all things flamenco in New Orleans.

Table of Contents

  • Upcoming Performances
  • Classes in Session
  • Reflections
  • Flamenco Notes From Abroad


Shan Kenner

Spanish, Flamenco Guitar, Every Sunday,  12:00 PM -3:00 PM – Santa Fe Restaurant
, 3201 Esplanade


Every Wednesday, 6:30-9:30 @ Cafe Amici  3218 Magazine Street


New Orleans Dance Academy With Micaela Paule

5956 Magazine Street

Drop in: $15

Thursdays (on going)  7:00-8:30

Beginners to Advanced Beginners

Tuesdays (on going) 7:00-9:00

Intermediate Level  (contact instructor first)

Dance and Choreography with live Guitarist


REFLECTIONS: Micaela y Fiesta Flamenca at Jazz Fest

by Windi Sebren

It never occurred to me when I started taking flamenco classes in 2001 that I’d eventually go on to perform at Jazzfest (twice, so far!), so getting to perform there makes me feel like one of the cool kids. I’m very grateful for the opportunity–not everyone gets to play Jazzfest, so it’s an honor to be asked to go on stage there. The experience is always thrilling, and I let any nervousness go once I’m on stage–once you’re up there you’ve got to trust yourself that you’ll do great and it’ll be alright. And it was, of course. Having friends in the audience used to make me nervous (I’d tell them not to sit near the front and not to let me know they were in the audience) but this time I had several friends show up for our performance and I was happy they came to see how much hard work we’d put into this show.

When I was younger and dreamed of living in New Orleans, having the life I have now, of which flamenco is a huge part, was something that was just in my dreams. Now I’m living it, performing at Jazzfest with my flamenco family, and it’s still so amazing to me. It’s wonderful to experience Jazzfest as a ticket holder, but it’s even better to be there as a performer–you feel even more connected to the music and soul of New Orleans when you’re one of the people making it.


Eliza writes us that she is currently in Mexico City for the month training intensively and performing. Within the first 36 hours of her arrival she took 4 incredible dance classes including one with the great Mercedes “La Winy” Amaya (niece of the legendary Carmen Amaya and mother of Karime Amaya) and performed at the Hojas de Te tablao for their Noche Flamenca Vol. 26 with artists from Spain and Mexico. Her next scheduled performance is on May 31 in Mexico City for Ágora Studio’s “Noche de Flamenco”.

Keep up with Eliza by visiting her website where she will soon upload photos and short video clips from her performances in Mexico. Stay tuned for upcoming classes with Eliza at the end of June when she returns for a few weeks before beginning her summer tour in New Mexico and Colorado with the Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe Company. Private instruction is also available and interested students can contact her at for more information. ¡Qué viva el arte y la flamencura donde quiera que estes!


Announcement: please note if there are any professional activities, class changes, or performances that occur between the last Flamenco Si newsletter and before the next one’s that was not included, please contact Teresa at and she will send out the information immediately.

See You Next Month!


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